Homemade Heroes

     Some heroes are too unique to allow a mass-produced mini to stand in their place... some are too different... too personalized... or just plain too cool.
     The answer?

     Make your own!

What you need:

1.  A picture of your character
One you drew, one someone else drew, whatever...  
We used HeroMachine 2.0.

2.  Shrink plastic
Remember Shrinky Dinks?  The plastic is available in craft stores with all the instructions.  We found ours at WalMart in the crafts department.

3.  A base
We hot-glued our finished minis to pennies... use your imagination!

J.J. Dawson and Liberty Haley miniatures

The easy instructions:

1.  Transfer your character to the shrink plastic.  Shewolf ran a copy of Liberty Haley and traced and colored her on the plastic.  C. Baize ran the plastic itself through the Lexmark to get JJ Dawson's picture transferred.  Be sure to check your plastic to see what size the image should be - ours shrunk to 1/3 its size, so we created the pictures with a width of 3".

2.  Shrink the plastic according to the directions.  Ours had to be baked at 325 for about a minute and a half.

3.  Attach the mini to the base in an upright position.  Hot glue on the penny worked pretty well for us.

The Detailed Tutorial (sort of)

Evolution of the Homemade Heroes